"Become Your Identity, Not Your Imprint"

Tameka Brewington
Tameka Brewington MS, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS, NCC, CCMHC

Concierge Therapist Tameka Wade Brewington has been trusted by corporations with their greatest commodity- their leadership. As a dually licensed psychotherapist,  Tameka’s services have been part of wellness plans for high level professionals in finance, law, healthcare, entertainment, government, and sports.

Tameka specializes in working with high performing professionals who require an extra layer of discretion and have high-stakes careers. Her person-focused approach is customized to each individual ensuring their needs are met quickly so that mental health and substance abuse care can begin to restore balance both at work and at home as soon as possible.

Added to her 26 years experience, Tameka is credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Her accreditations and experience position her as an ideal provider for top-level executives seeking individualized care.

Tameka Brewington with a Client

A Board Member of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, a member of the American Counseling Association and the North Carolina Counseling Association, Tameka also owns Real Talk Counseling, a group private practice. She has been featured as an authority in her field in USA Today, HuffPost, Revolt TV, OZY, and InHerSight. She’s a Health and Human services college instructor and Tameka is regularly booked as a speaker on mental health and addiction for corporate events, retreats, and workshops.

Concierge Therapy for Your Leadership

Your executive leadership is accustomed to a level of accommodation, caretaking, and professionalism concierge provides. A concierge therapist works with the demands of a client’s career, how it influences their mental health diagnosis, and how they seek help. While all licensed mental health providers follow strict ethical privacy standards, concierge therapists also follow NDA privacy and other confidentiality practices that high performing and public facing professionals require. Concierge therapists are comfortable navigating mediation between their clients and stakeholders with care and discretion.

Concierge therapy provides counseling services tailored and designed for high performing professionals. Services are created to meet the demands of a public-facing lifestyle and career. Tameka Brewington provides person-centered therapy and can provide counseling services in the comfort of the client’s home, their office, virtually, or on location when they travel for work. Concierge therapy better accommodates a busy professional’s lifestyle, as well as, provides real-time assistance as often as the person needs. Together, working through issues, Tameka helps restore balance and identifies solutions for new outcomes.

  • Available for travel, virtual, and on-location
  • In-home private sessions available
  • Work site sessions available
  • Familiar with NDA expectations
  • Individual, Group, and Family Sessions
  • Personalized Treatment with 26 years experience
Tameka Sitting With Client

Geared Toward Company Leaders & High Performers
Tameka Brewington’s Concierge Therapy is specifically designed to accommodate highprofile clientele such as CEOs, attorneys, celebrities and high performers who face public scrutiny, lead large teams, or are in high-risk public facing careers.

Executive Leadership CARE

"You can reverse and replace your operating system."

Starting the Conversation About Mental Health

A number of corporate clients use workshops to begin the dialogue for mental health care and addiction help. Workplace presentations which encourage employees to seek additional resources supported by the employer can help address personal issues affecting productivity and, in some cases, workplace safety. Discounts are offered when booking multiple workshops a year. We recommend offering workshops once a quarter.

Speaking & Workshops

Mental Health and Wellness

  • What is Mental Health?
  • Understanding high functioning depression
  • Anxiety signs and symptoms

Managing work and home-life stress

  • The family origin story
  • Managing professional and personal relationships
  • Dealing with transitions and evolution in personal life


  • Finding your identity and your external blueprint
  • Changing actions to improve results
  • Supervising someone with a mental health diagnosis
  • Work performance issues
  • Identifying employee patterns
  • How mental health shows up at work
  • High-functioning anxiety and depression
  • High performer and anxiety and depression

Concierge Therapy Customized Process:

We begin with a 30-minute assessment consultation where your executives discuss their specific needs so a plan can be devised. From there, your leadership can receive four to six 50-minute sessions in their home, at work, on location or virtually. All corporate clients receive customized packages.

Contact us today to discuss a plan that works with your leadership's needs.